ITB Berlin 2020 will focus on luxury tourism

From 4 to 8 March 2020, the ITB Berlin 2020 fair presents a new area, ‘Home of Luxury by ITB’, a new way of experiencing luxury and launches a manual that examines the luxury market.

This new area dedicated to luxury services will be located in Marshall Haus de Messe Berlin and will provide an exclusive platform for this growing market between 4 and 6 March 2020.

ITB Berlin points out that this space will be ‘more than an exhibition area for the luxury market’, with different themes assigned to different areas of the house.

The new luxury can be experienced under the motto ‘Back to Nature’ in the areas of The Garden, The Terrace, The Library and The Lounge, where market players can live in a private environment, organize meetings, have lunch and participate in networking sessions.

Alongside the new area dedicated to the luxury market, ITB Berlin launches a new manual entitled ‘Basic concepts and perspectives in luxury tourism – Customer behaviour – Paradigm shifts – Market trends – Best practices’. The manual examines the phenomenon of luxury tourism from different perspectives.

The growing importance of the luxury market will be on the agenda at the ITB’s 2020 Convention in Berlin, with three sessions taking place on 5 March.

The sessions will include the presentation of the ITB / Travelzoo Luxury and Sustainability Report and a panel that will discuss the relationship between luxury and sustainability.