Wine tourism comes together with strong commitment and collaboration and is sharing its knowledge in the midst of a crisis that shakes the travel and tourism sector like never before.

Following an invitation from the Makers Program of the World Shopping Tourism Network,  and coordinated by Zaida Semprun and Roberta Garibaldi, in the midst of the unprecedented scenario that is keeping the world paralyzed, a group of wine experts from the institutional scope, universities, renowned winery groups and consultants in the sector have joined together. Their goal is to create a working group that combines knowledge and experiences in search for solutions and concrete proposals applicable in any winery and wine tourism destination, under the new reality.

This group of experts, who have been meeting once a week since April 17, have defined three lines of work: the valorization of Wine Tourism as a relevant and transversal economic axis of the territories where wineries are located, mostly in rural settings; communication through clear messages that provide security and confidence in accordance with the new expectations for tourists; an elaborate set of relevant proposals and recommendations that are applicable to any winery or establishment, regardless of its size or geographic location.  This sector moves more than 30 million amount of visitors per year, distributed in approximately in 2.000 wineries open to tourism worldwide.

This initiative counts on a diverse number of profiles endorsed by a close and long-lasting relationship with the sector in each of the cases, bringing professionals together from Argentina (Gonzalo Merino – Bodegas Argentina and Lorena Cepparo – Chandon), Brazil (Ivanne Fevero, consultant), Chile (Alicia Ortiz – Wine Tourism Chile), Spain (Chelo Miñana – Masaveu Bodegas, Beatriz Vergara – Gonzalez Byass, Tonia Castells – Freixenet, Alvaro Garnica and Oscar Manzano – Global Journey Consulting and World Shopping Tourism Network, Alberto Garcia – FEV, Zaida Semprum – Consultant for the Makers Program), France (Catherine Leparmentier – Great Wine Capitals Global Network), Italy (Roberta Garibaldi- University, Nicola D’Auria – Wine Tourism Movement), Mexico (Daniel Sanchez – Hacienda Guadalupe Winery & Hotel , Jorge Ferreira – Azteca Wineries and Victor Sixto – Codex Consultancy), USA (Claudia  Vecchio- Sonoma County) and South Africa (Mariette Du Toit-Helmbold – Destinate consultant) and foresees their existence beyond this crisis situation. The initiative promoves new solutions and to position Wine Tourism as one of the most sustainable tourism sectors with the greatest projection within the new global tourism reality.

It is necessary to remind the visitor that all the safety and hygiene measures have been carried out in the wineries, as they are centers of agri-food product production. The sector is preparing, in each of the destinations worldwide, to invite tourists to rediscover spaces and experiences adapted to the new needs, under the international motto: “Serenely, Wine Tourism.”

Makers is a program of the World Shopping Tourism Network, whose main objective is to bring together food producers from the five continents who offer immersive tourism experiences with the help of the protagonists, owners or processors, with a marked cultural identity. The wine and the enotourist experiences are part, together with other products such as the AOVES, the cocoa or the coffee, of these agro-food products which make the tourist experiences of the destinations where they are grown unique.

World Shopping Tourism Network, managed by Global Journey Consulting, is born in the year 2016 in the framework of the UNWTO Affiliate Members Programme as a forum to channel every action, project, information and suggestion that supports and improves the development of shopping tourism and the tourism industry in general. In this space, professionals, the tourism and trade industry, public and private institutions, and academic centres can make use of a platform to generate, disseminate and request specific knowledge on shopping tourism in order to take advantage of the enormous potential that tourism and trade offer for destinations thanks to their ability to relate to other sectors.

Author: Global Journey Consulting