Innovation The intelligent mirror that tells you the clothes that best suit you arrives

The smart mirror, which advises customers on fashion, will enter physical stores to compete with the Internet.

In recent years, digital commerce is crushing the physical store. It is looking for ways to survive, and the most recent is to join its enemy in an attempt to unify online and offline experiences, through an intelligent mirror that will be installed in the testers and will act as a personal shopper.

Through artificial intelligence, the mirror will advise consumers and suggest garments based on their tastes and purchase history. Customers will also be able to communicate with the store’s staff without leaving the fitting room, from where they can access the catalogue, review home searches or request garments. The store managers receive this information in a smartwatch, and deliver the requests directly to the wardrobe.

This technology also allows payment to be made from the changing room itself, although it is also possible to do so at the counter or send the garments to the customer’s home.

This tool combines the advantages of the online world, such as personalization of the offer or artificial intelligence, with the advantages of the physical world, such as trying out the garments and obtaining them instantly. Thanks to technological advances, establishments can compete with shopping on the web.

SAP, the software company that developed the project, assures that the brands “will be able to turn buyers into fans and earn them forever”. 70% of customers consider the shopping experience to be fundamental, which makes this mirror a great attraction for fashion companies. In addition, privacy is guaranteed, as there are no cameras in the fitting room, but the garments can be recognised by means of a scanner.

With the smart mirror, brands can gather more information about their physical channel and get a more authentic view of their consumers. This project would help close the gap between companies and customers: while 80% of firms claim to provide a five-star service, only 8% of consumers perceive it that way.