How is customer service changing in times of pandemic?

It is no secret that with the appearance of the COVID 19 virus, many businesses took the time to plan how to continue providing better service, but this time online, while others had to learn it on the fly. “Communicate, understand each other, solve, buy, hire” were actions that many customers and companies only saw as possible through offline contact.

The Customer Service Omnibus study during the pandemic aims to understand what attributes were valued in Customer Service and how channel usage habits were changed during the pandemic.

Author: Proxyclick

The results were obtained through surveys conducted by WOW! Customer Experience to a sample of 1028 people, who communicated with the customer service of companies in various fields such as: telephone, internet, insurance, banks, among others; and who made inquiries, claims and payments.

Some of the findings of the study are:

– Did needs change or should only those who were not yet used to seeking answers through communication channels other than conventional ones adapt? In the results of this study we observe that clients value basic attributes in a customer service

-Within the current context, we all hope to give continuity to our routines, understanding the limitations. Some industries faced a greater challenge because they are where customers expect to maintain a certain “normality”.

E-commerce is more highly rated in some particular segments: Men, under 35 years old and AMBA.

– Contact channels have logically changed: customers have started to turn to digital channels and use telephone channels less. The digital channels grew between 6 and 9 points from the social confinement

Author: Ómnibus en customer Service, America Retail