Guadalajara Book and Craft Fairs Suspended

The City Council says it prefers to be “cautious” and avoid situations of risk to citizens

The City Council of Guadalajara has decided to suspend the celebration of the Book and Craft Fairs, in which the councils of Culture and Traditional Festivals had been “working” for weeks, due to the proliferation of contagion in recent days. “It is time to avoid unnecessary agglomerations”, in the words of the councilwoman of Culture, Riansares Serrano.

Photo: Tomasso
Photo: Tomasso

“We had organized two fairs with great enthusiasm, finally responding to a historical demand for the city, as was its celebration in the park of La Concordia, but we can not afford to put at risk the health of Guadalajara, so, and sorry, we decided to suspend them.

The decision has been taken in consensus with the president of the Provincial Association of Craftsmen, Aida, Juan José García, and one of the editors and participants of the Fair, Antonio Herrera Casado. Both have shown “their backing and support” to the City Council in this difficult situation, as they consider it to be absolutely consistent with the situation we are going through.

For Garcia, “it is a painful decision, for the commitment, work and effort we have put in to get it done, but we are with the City Council in these complicated moments for consistency and responsibility. In the same line has pronounced Casado, describing as “logical and understandable the position adopted by the Consistory today, taking into account the current situation of infections and outbreaks of coronavirus.

Serrano is confident that “these steps backwards that we are taking today, will allow us to take steps forward in time, and that at least, this Christmas we can celebrate the Artisan Gift Fair”, he concluded.