Galería Canalejas

The new international icon of luxury shopping and haute cuisine in the heart of Madrid (Spain)

Magnificent Luxury

The inauguration of Galería Canalejas will give to Madrid a different concept of what constitutes a luxury department store and a new lifestyle of leisure to define a new expression of luxury and elevate it to a new dimension based on excellence. This contemporary emblematic space is open to a public seeking top quality and eager for extraordinary experiences.

Magnificent Shopping

A unique concept of luxury department store unknown in Spain until the moment.

Over 15,000 m2 on three floors with the most prestigious brands in the world for fashion, fine jewellery, and accessories.

The new golden mile of the city and the new international destination of reference for luxury shopping, leisure, and gastronomy.

Magnificent Gastro

Galería Canalejas Food Hall provides a gastronomic experience that is unique in the capital. Top Spanish and international chefs have designed exclusive innovative concepts for this new icon of luxury, fashion, and gastronomy.

Magnificent Culture

The valuable artistic and cultural heritage of the 7 historical buildings on which it is established makes Galería Canalejas a must for any visit to Madrid.

Magnificent Madrid

Its privileged location in the centre of the city means that it drinks from the very essence of Madrid, a city with a lifestyle of its own. It is welcoming, luminous, international, modern, and avant-garde and its historical and cultural legacy is matchless.

Madrid lives for socialising and Galería Canalejas is the best reflection of the true luxury which the city offers.

Magnificent Experience

Galería Canalejas, an overall luxury experience based on excellence:

Fashion, gastronomy, history, and culture from the heart of Madrid.