The Faculty of Tourism of the University of Malaga is one of the university centres in Spain specialising exclusively in training, research and transfer of knowledge in tourism and gastronomic sciences. It is the first faculty in Andalusia to offer the official degree in Gastronomic Sciences and Hotel Management.

With more than twenty years of experience in teaching tourism studies, the courses offered include the Official Degrees in Tourism, Gastronomic Sciences and Hotel Management and two official master’s degrees, as well as an inter-university doctoral programme in Tourism. Each year it also prepares a wide range of its own degrees in order to offer specialisation pathways to university students and graduates, among them:

– III Course on University Extension in Conflict Management in the field of Tourism.

– I MICE University Expert in Tourism: Congresses, incentives, fairs and event organisation.

– V University Master’s Degree in Wine Tourism.

– III University Master’s Degree in Hotel Management.

– I Own University Master in Management of Cultural Tourism and Local Development.

In relation to gastronomy, the Gastrocampus of Innovation promoted by the University of Malaga through the Faculty of Tourism, has become a forum for debate, innovation, research, entrepreneurship and multidisciplinary training in the fields of gastronomy, food and tourism. The main objective is to integrate, from a holistic point of view, those subjects belonging to different areas of knowledge under the nexus of union of gastronomy, as an innovative element in tourism development, health and anthropological-cultural knowledge of the society of the twenty-first century.

The Gastrocampus intends to be in continuous collaboration with the companies of the industry, production and agro-alimentary distribution, as well as the sector vitivinícola, oleícola, the hotel trade and the restoration. Therefore, through training is intended to train students and professionals in the field of enogastronomic adaptation to a market in constant dynamism and increasingly demanding.

In collaboration with the Chair of Enogastronomy and Tourism “Flavor to Malaga”, Diputación de Málaga, the Faculty of Tourism and the Wine Museum, and within the Gastrocampus of Innovation, the following courses are launched annually:

– Specialization on the wines of the Serranía de Ronda with “Sabor a Málaga”.

– Specialization on the wines of the Axarquia with “Flavour to Malaga”.

– Introduction to oil tourism and sensory analysis of extra virgin olive oils (AOVEs) with “Malaga flavour”.

– Introduction to oil tourism and sensory analysis of extra virgin olive oils (AOVEs) from the new campaign with “Sabor a Málaga”.

– II Workshop Science and cooking

– II Workshop Haute Cuisine Techniques with Victor Trochi

– Workshop AOVE: Nutrition and healthy haute cuisine.

– Specialization course on the wines of the Denominations of Origin Málaga and Sierras de Málaga.

– Introduction to oil tourism and sensory analysis of extra virgin olive oils (AOVEs).

– Gastronomic tourism course: Restoration as a tourist resource: Essential guide to Malaga cuisine dishes.