On every trip a person feels the emotion of the experiences lived in that place. What’s rewarding about the moment is that they can share and enjoy the options a tourist destination offers them and through this get to know the visited culture as well as its citizens better. Through Tourism of Purchases and Luxury for example, beyond appropriating an object or product, a traveler seeks the best travel experience with the aim of feeling comfortable; In addition to seeking to awaken in them the need to return to that chosen destination.

Photo by Thomas Martinsen
Photo by Thomas Martinsen

In this sense, a tourist experience is understood as the individual experience a traveler has within the visited tourist destination, as well as the collective experience that takes place between the tourist-locals. In other terms, the experience goes hand in hand with the subjectivity of the person or group of people that travel and their immediate relation with the visited environment. The main characteristic of said experience is the context, meaning the place and moment in which the trip is made, as well as the sociability or the social relations that take place there (Vergopoulos, 2016).

It all depends on the original motivation of the travel. For example there’s people who only travel to acquire inexpensive or expensive products (Tourism of purchases and of luxury), visit the emblematic monuments of a visited community, go to local concerts, listen to music of the place (Cultural Tourism), live experiences not usual in the place of origin (Adventure Tourism) or who simply wish to walk through the city and relax in an inn or a spa (Leisure Tourism), among others.

One of the modalities of the travel experiences that give what we’re currently talking about is Bespoke Tourism, which, as the name states, is linked to the tourist experiences most desired and requested by the travelers while they adjust to their travel needs according to the new trends of Tourism. Therefore, every experience is personal and specific in accordance with the interests of the traveler. This means that through Bespoke Tourism someone reaches any destination and finds people, activities and infrastructures that will be in accordance with their main motivation of travel.

For a Bespoke tourist experience to be given, however, the companies and tourist destinations require the creation and design of exclusive travel plans focused on the protagonists of the travel in conjunction with the geography of the place, the natural and environmental landscapes, the gastronomy, music, trending products and services, new technologies, etc., all for the purpose of offering a complex spectrum of options to these travelers, according to their needs.

It’s common to find spaces that fuse these elements and guarantee that experience centered on the traveler. Settings such as cafés, sherry bars, wine cellars, restaurants, characteristic with alternative and striking aesthetics, which show off the local gastronomy, in addition to the use of technological gadgets to reproduce audiovisual informative, educational and musical content, for example, can be one of many proposals of Bespoke Tourism that are currently talked about.

In consequence, Bespoke is a synonym for Tourism of Quality, well planned and well executed Tourism. Insofar as the needs of the traveler are met, according to what they observe in their surrounding during the trip and in their sharing with the Tourism samples they receive, the Tourist destination will have a larger opening and the experience of the traveler, who will without a doubt share it on their social and communication media, will be more pleasant.

Author: member of World Shopping Tourism Network