Experiences: Bespoke Tourism or travel tailor-made Tourism

Travelling has become an important part for millions of people, nowadays there are many travelers crossing borders, determining the ways or destinations of doing tourism. The globalized world we live in and the new technological trends led to the travelers being completely informed, allowing them to choose destinations of their preference, as the experts in the subject-matter of Tourism lay out, “information technology has revolutionized Tourism”, has been a medium for improving the efficiency of the organization and the delivery of services.

Photo by Yiran Ding
Photo by Yiran Ding

The technological advancement has allowed that the current perspectives for the enjoyment of the services, such as for example in the case of accommodation, are increasingly accessible and unique, allowing to anticipate the expectations the tourist has, in this way generating exclusive, gratifying and satisfying travels. In fact, there exist apps which personalize the stay in lodging in function of tastes and preferences.

Within the Tourism sector, a type of Tourism that is that of experiences militates, which seeks designs of experiential schemes that remove it from every forecast based on the everyday. This type of tourism is made up of high range Tourists who have the firm proposal of travelling in accordance with their personal tastes, meaning tailor-made for them. They wish to live memorable and exclusive experiences; it can range from a travel to disconnect or relax to a safari full of adventures. It’s a tourist who seeks activities that make them feel realized and satisfied through insuperable activities, and this is where we speak of the bespoke brand in Tourism.

The concept Bespoke is an English term which means to say “tailor-made”. It refers to something as specific as elaborating a product, such as in the case of fashion, a dress perfectly designed and ready-to-wear. This type of Tourism is directly linked to Luxury Tourism, demanding their travels to guarantee notable and prestigious experiences.

And it’s precisely the experience, the spear point of talking of bespoke in Tourism, it’s a specialty that has exponentiated in recent years. The luxury tourist is used to enjoying the best services and their intention is living true experiences that allow them to have access to places that are worth knowing, they want trips exclusively designed for them, for these reasons there are start-ups offering travels á la carte, where the priority is understanding the concrete needs of the clients, covering even the most minimal details for everything to end up impeccable. The elements that a tailor-made trip covers are three: comfort, exclusivity and satisfaction.

The bespoke Brand within the Tourism industry is also related to sustainable Tourism as the tourist of this nature demands that, within their leisure alternatives, destinations related to environmental impact are considered, their interest is to know extraordinary but natural places, as long as they are familiar with the technology, that it facilitates their lives, allowing them to connect the experience they live, in real time. The purpose is making them live the experience in something that apparently seemed an impossible destination, in something unforgettable. In this sense, the ecoluxury in the Tourism area is directed to a demanding segment that doesn’t only seek what’s called exclusive, but the unique, associated with concept of authenticity and sustainability.

The luxury tourist has reconceptualized his search and bets for natural destinations, products and services with standards that respond to sustainability, consuming less unnecessary goods and services. Within his priorities personalization of service, new gastronomical tastings and genuine and immersive experiences stand out, they desire to live the culture of the place they visit, expect to connect with the history and the people of the locality, the products acquired, they choose brands committed to the environment. In the end, as specialists of the Tourism sector have defined it, “the true luxury of today resides in the power that emanates from one single concept: authenticity”.

Author: member of World Shopping Tourism Network