Eroski is a customer-oriented travel agency.

It sells, distributes and sells tourism services, both its own and from third parties, to the private client and to companies at competitive prices, while providing a satisfactory shopping experience in our offices, Eroski is one of the main networks of travel agencies in Spain and have a commercial network of more than 174 centers, including travel agencies, a division specializing in travel of company Travel Air, a division specialized in organization of conventions and congresses Travel Air Events, and an own wholesaler Xplora, in addition to several websites:,,

Eroski is a company based on processes aimed at satisfying the client.

The management model of our company focuses on the processes that support and add value to our business and that is oriented to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of it. All this within the characteristic spirit of the Eroski Group, that is, integrating the workers in the management, in a progressive way in the defense of the interests of the consumers and the environment and carrying out the management in harmony with the social environment in the That operates.

Eroski is specialists in family trips. As a result of this specialization, the Spanish Federation of Large Families (FEFN) gave us the Family Tourism Seal in recognition of its commitment to this type of tourism in 2016.