Dubai: The Greatest Tourist Destination in the World

Tourism as an industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent years. People have become more inclined towards foreign travel due to the excitement it provides and the relaxation of overseas travel rules by the Indian government. Out of all the foreign destinations, Dubai as a tourist place has attracted people from all over the world.

Photo: Roman Logov
Photo: Roman Logov

Every year more than 15 million people visit Dubai for various purposes like for leisure, business or educational purposes. It no more a deserted place with sand covering most of the area. It has converted itself into one of the most advanced and luxurious city in the whole world. People love to visit Dubai and it has proved to be one of the most favourite tourist destinations in the whole world. It is well-known for its spacious shopping malls and exotic man made islands which leaves anyone who visits them awestruck.

However, one must apply for a visa to travel to Dubai. Attaining a Dubai Visa for Indians has become so easy in the recent years due to improved interpersonal relations with the Dubai government. Apart from some important documents like passport and application form one can easily attain a visa to travel to Dubai.

One can visit a lot of placesin Dubai to do a great number of things, which can make their whole trip memorable for years to come.

1. Al Shindagha Area near Dubai Creek-

It is considered to be the central place in Dubai where one can spend an entire day and experience the culture and heritage which Dubai can offer through its weavers, artisans and potters. The local folk with their craftsmanship attract hundreds of tourists who are mesmerized by their work. One can buy all kinds of traditional items and souvenirs from this very single place. People also love to visit the camel museum which consists of various exhibits of different species of camels along with the information about the same. One can even enjoy camel races organized at this place which is liked by one and all.

2. Pyramids Rooftop Complex in Wafi complex-

Of the entire things one can do in Dubai, this place offers the most unique thing one can think about. This place screens some of the most exciting movies in the world with no roof over one’s head i.e. one can watch movies under the sky completely filled with shining stars. It is considered to be one of the most romantic places in Dubai.

3. Burj Khalifa-

The tallest building in Dubai, BurjKhalifa is a must place to visit if one enjoys a great view of the whole city. One can make their way to the rooftop and get an amazing view of the whole city. It is truly an iconic building with the greatest view one can never forget.

4. Dubai Mall and Dubai Fountain-

One of the greatest shopping malls in Dubai, Dubai Mall is treated as a shopper’s paradise. One can find all their favourite brands at a single location. The Dubai Fountain in front of the Mall is also visited by a lot of people. The fountain displays an exciting and beautiful water dance with the water being sprayed on synchronized music beats.

In order to enjoy all such attractions, there is only one prerequisite that one has to attain a Dubai Tourist Visa. Tourism is an amazing industry which brings smile on millions of happy faces.

Author: Mahesh CK