How was it born?

The search for different, exclusive dancers and a daring “pelín” was the cause of the start of this whole project. The market offered dancers, very similar, with closed lasts and little youth. April 2009 arrived and we decided to make by our own means that shoe that would surprise, that would fall in love at first sight. Little by little the product turned out to be striking and the comments very favorable reason why it is decided to begin to design and to make in a professional way in Spain.

Why defloresyfloreros?

Of flowers, of squares, of stripes… the printed fabrics are a key tool for the brand… and that’s where the name came from. “defloresyfloreros” represented something generic, original, catchy because of its rarity, and that has no limits in terms of product possibilities.


The brand starts with the spring-summer 2010 collection, made up of dancers and sandals. Initially the only sales channel is Internet through its website, which saw the light on March 1, 2010. Little by little the collection has been growing, in extension and in depth; even, the next campaigns we extend with different lines of business of accessories and children. The collection is designed from defloresyfloreros. The manufacture and production is handmade and 100% Spanish with excellent materials and finishes. The different types of fabrics and prints is one of the keys that distinguishes us from other brands in the market and makes defloresyfloreros have an unmistakable air.

We try to make it as easy as possible for you to make your feet the protagonists! For this reason, we offer a shipping and return policy with numerous facilities.