Cultural tourism in Peru and its expense in shopping

Photo: Tom Cleary
Photo: Tom Cleary

Foreign visitors who engage in cultural tourism in Peru register an average expenditure of 1,633 dollars and spend eleven days touring three regions, reveals the Foreign Tourist Profile 2017, prepared by the Commission for the Promotion of Peru’s Exports and Tourism (Promperú).

According to Promperú’s research, in 2017 the average expenditure of foreign visitors interested in cultural tourism was 88 dollars more than the average vacationer’s expenditure.

According to this study, the distribution of cultural tourist spending that comes to Peru on its own is allocated to accommodation (25%), food (23%), visits to tourist attractions (22%), internal transportation (17%) and (11%) in shopping of souvenirs and other items during their stay.

Promperú’s 2017 Foreign Tourist Profile shows that 26% of visitors come from the United States of America. It is followed by tourists from Chile (7%), Argentina (6%), Brazil (6%), Canada (5%), France (5%), Colombia (4%), United Kingdom (4%), Japan (3%) and Australia (3%). Visitors from other nations account for 24%.