In terms of betting for a region of city and making its cultural, national or local character known through aesthetics, variety, enjoyment and pleasure for the travelers, the principal cities of the world are turning into pioneers of Tourism in its diverse modalities, given that they’re adapting the emerging forms of cultural and technological thought in function of having on point tourist destinations and infrastructures.

Photo by Karsten Würth
Photo by Karsten Würth

In the same way, Tourism of Quality and of Purchases is becoming one of the tourist practices in vogue. Countries that promote this type of tourism need to take into account that their activities must be adapted to the offering of services to meet the expectations of the traveler on top of considering the functioning of their infrastructures to give them value and have them be sustainable in time. Tourism of Quality is not just related to the price of the offered products but also with the tourist experience of the person. This aspect gives it character in constant transformation. Tourism of Quality demands “clear policies of company and destination, identification of segments of clients and product types based on which we want to construct sustainable competitive advantages” (Diario Información, 2017).

In terms of money and in search of a quality of sales, Shopping Tourism is adjusting to the trends of entrepreneurship businesses as a more effective and higher quality strategy for selling Tourism so that the traveler feels the need of taking a bit of the visited place. For this, this type of Tourism focuses on the price difference of products that, in theory, should be more accessible than the other habitual markets, it also requires to consider the differences in assortment, as the exclusivity of the product to be sold shows and the differences of experiences, in which the traveler’s individuality intervenes, their response to the tourist phenomenon, since the purchase of any product in the place of origin grants more relevance to the experience (Carlos Delso, 2016).

These factors are considered by European cities such as London, Paris, Istanbul, Antalya, Milan, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Rome, Amsterdam, Venice, Geneva, Berlin, Lisbon, among others, which stood out as the settings that received most visits by international tourists in 2017 according to data of STATISTA. This data points towards leadership and innovation when it comes to all touristic aspects. New York, Cancun, Mendoza, in America, have also excelled in being leaders of Tourism of Quality. Mexico City is trying to modernize itself for Shopping Tourism, especially in the Hotel sector, according to measures decreed by the Secretary of Tourism, Enrique de la Madrid Cordero (Revista Líderes Mexicanos, 2018).

How did these cities acquire an undeniable touristic quality? It’s simple, through actions of leadership that come from the efforts of competent entities and people that consider Tourism of Quality and of Purchases an opportunity for bringing people closer through their environments, their ways of thinking, the opening of other cultures and other products and services that would give more pleasure, tranquility and enthusiasm to the experience of traveling in foreign lands. Leadership is a trait that few know to master.

Author: member of World Shopping Tourism Network