Chiriquí (Panama) consolidates as a tourist destination

Discovery Chiriqui has formalized the tourist offer through specific product segments.

The province of Chiriquí is a strong tourist destination, due to the promotion of its brand and the different places that are attractive for its own and foreign visitors.

The president of the Chamber of Tourism of Chiriqui, Jorge Tovar said that the consolidation of Chiriqui destination is done by formalizing the tourist offer through specific segments of products framed in the Gulf of Chiriqui with the sport of sport fishing.

In addition, Highlands in Boquete with its offer of Ecotourism, adventure tourism and nature and then have the attraction of the middle lands that have been increasingly highlighted by the development of agrotourism, transforming ordinary products of the field into value-added offer, through multisensory tastings and value-added to traditional products of the field as sugar cane, rum, the activity of the trapiche.

“Then we have ethno-tourism, which is becoming more and more important,” he said.

Shopping tourism is also boosted in the province, given the great development of shopping centers and also the tourism of events and conventions that are developed in several hotels, associations that have a wide place for the attention of this segment.

Among the activities that attract locals and strangers are the tasting of products from honey to tea or coffee.

Known as a multisensory destination, the visitor has the experience not only of listening but also of tasting, smelling and interacting.

“We have five well-identified tastings in the province as the honey tasting that takes place at the Casita de la Miel in Boquete and is a tasting variety of more than 12 types of organic honeys,” explained Leyra Leiva, director of International Tourism Partners, Discovery Chiriquí’s marketing and public relations company.

“We also have the only tea tasting in Central America. She explains that you have the opportunity to harvest the leaves and then you move to an area where you explain the different flavors, you have the opportunity to try four varieties.

The tasting of artisanal beers in Boquete is also very exciting, as the master brewer explains the process and you have the option of tasting or tasting.

Another experience that can be lived in this province is the tasting of Maracuyá, Chiriquí Passion Fruit – Santa Marta Bugaba, where the visitor can taste, see and act.

And of course, the one that cannot be missed is the coffee tasting. “Different farms offer different coffee specialties and it culminates with the Geisha coffee, the most famous and valued in the world”.

Author: Diana Díaz V.