The Platform is a search engine or geolocator for enotourism and/or wine tasting activities. It also has a news blog, a shop selling wines for direct sale between Winery and customer, wine accessories store, and a directory of wine professionals.

Platform that groups under the same umbrella wine professionals (wineries, wine shops, Wine Routes, enotels, wine museums, sommeliers, etc.) in order that with their keys to their control panel can publicize all wine tourism events and / or wine tastings that they organize, thus achieving that wine tourists can easily locate and book the activities of their choice. In the Platform we have categorized wine tourism in nine activities as they are: Oenotourism in the open air, Oenotourism with accommodation, Harmonized wine tastings, Cultural wine tastings, Adventure wine tourism, Oenotourism and games, Couple wine tourism, Wine tours, and Home tastings.