As one of Australia’s most architecturally and naturally charming cities, Brisbane has become a hub for tourism in all its many facets. Among its development plans is the construction of a man-made beach in the middle of the city, to attract more travellers from all over the world and thus accentuate the local tourist programs, through leisure and entertainment. Likewise, shopping is another important factor in this region of the country for travelers, because, according to official statistics, the purchase of products is one of the activities that are most carried out in the city.

Michael Glass
Photo: Michael Glass

The area where most of Brisbane’s commercial activity takes place is the central area, known as the City, where the streets and pedestrian walks are lined with shops, boutiques, bazaars and establishments that sell any item of importance to tourists: clothing, souvenirs, accessories, snacks, handicrafts, etc., whether in a luxury and high-end mall or in a small shop that offers what you are looking for.

The arteries for shopping with the greatest style, elegance and quality Australian production that we recommend are: James Street and Winn Lane, located in Fortitude Valley. In this area, there is also an exclusive retailer complex called Emporium, with products mostly in the European and American style, although you can also get garments and items of national character. Latrobe Terrace and Oxford Street are two other settings for discounts on homemade products, which can be bought as gifts or to keep in your wardrobe.

However, the true epicenter of fashion in the city is the well-known Queen Street Mall, an open-air shopping complex that functions as a pedestrian walkway and a shopping mall, simultaneously and where you can find more than 500 boutiques of renowned designers and internationally prestigious brands, as well as see local and national retailers. If you are looking for fashion, perfumes, accessories, jewellery and luxury footwear, this is the area for you. At night, this promenade has a play of lights that enchants the tourist; in addition, you can find local artists and musicians with performances and events in the heart of this pedestrian path.

Other shopping centers we recommend for you are: The Brisbane Arcade, McArthur Central Shopping Center, Queens Plaza, Skygate, The Barracks Shopping Center, The Myer Center, Wintergarden. These places stand out not only for their modern and imposing facades, but also for the quality of the articles and products offered. In these areas, you can also enjoy good food and entertainment evenings in their bars, pubs and cafes where you can hang out with friends or family after a day of shopping.

Although if we talk about discounts, the option is to go to the main outlets, to be able to fish some promotion of some article out of season. The outlet par excellence, in the region then, is: Direct Factoty Outlet Brisbane, which has a whole centre where various retail, fashion, vintage and alternative stores meet. Other of these centers are: AKI Factory Outlet, Cjs Workwear and Under Armour Australia, in addition to the discount stores in the shopping centres.

To acquire other types of articles, we recommend you visit the markets, which are located near the city squares. Second-hand goods, souvenirs, antiques and food are better priced there and will save you some money.

However, there is an interesting area in the city that is dedicated to national/international gastronomy, at really comfortable prices and that will make your moment enjoyable. This is Eat Street Northshore, which is a complex open to the public, with several shops for the purchase of savory dishes, desserts and drinks. The gastronomy in this place is cosmopolitan, because you will see dishes from different regions of the planet, with their tastes and special touches. You can try from shawarmas, pizzas, hamburgers, Cantonese food, to typical dishes of Latin American cuisine, besides being able to drink a wine, a beer or some soda.

We know that you will see and be able to take home any of the products that this city has for you. Come and enjoy a pleasant shopping experience while you travel and get to know one of the most beautiful places in Australia with an excellent quality of life, friendly citizens and great entertainment options.