(ARGENTINA) The unusual proposal of Argentine shopping malls to reopen

The situation of the AMBA shopping malls and the companies that depend on this sales channel is increasingly complex after more than five months closed due to the Covid-19 quarantine. According to the Chamber of Shopping Centers, more than 25% of the tenant companies closed and that meant that 10,000 jobs were lost.

In accordance with this, and attentive to the authorizations of commercial galleries and transshipment centers, the proposal that they approached last week to authorities of the government of the city of Buenos Aires and the Province is that they let them open even at the plant down from establishments and then add levels if it is verified, as they say, that shopping centers are not a source of contagion.

Photo: Hackshaw

«Suppose that the mall has two or three levels. If we open the ground floor, control income and expenses, and do not allow access to the upper floors, this would make us one more gallery . This is what we proposed to the authorities last week, ” Mario Nirenberg, president of the Chamber of Shopping Centers , told LA NACION .

“Let them open the ground floor and, when they see that there is no crowding because there is no entertainment offer and that the entrance is controlled, then they let us open the upper level and so on. This is not a panacea, but at least in this way shopping malls would have the same consideration as a shopping arcade, “he added.

For the representative of the sector, the only reason why the shopping malls would not be enabled and the galleries would be is the belief that the companies in the sector have more backs to sustain so much downtime, but, according to Niremberg, the situation “is worrying ».

«Yesterday I went through Nazca and Avellaneda and there was a gallery of narrow corridors full of people without temperature control or capacity. We do not see the reason why the opening of shopping malls is delayed. I have no choice but to think that shopping malls, in the consideration of the authorities, have their backs to withstand the crisis, but 10,000 companies throughout the country depend on this channel and here in AMBA 25% of stores are going to close permanently. It offends us and makes us very sorry because they are not just businesses of large companies. There are many SMEs and jobs that depend on it, “he continued.

The Chamber and the Federation of Employees, meanwhile, sent a note yesterday requesting the reopening of the shopping centers as of August 31.

«We are listened to, but our demands are not attended to. State aid from the ATP is not enough to support tenant companies – mostly SMEs – which, without activity, are ceasing to operate, many of them permanently. This situation has determined the Argentine Federation of Trade and Services Employees to petition together with the CASC, in an unprecedented situation, the immediate opening of Shopping Centers, with the purpose of contributing to the maintenance of employment, “they said.

Author: M. Rumi, America Retail