(Argentina) The Artisan’s Market turns to online sales

During the quarantine period, the Rio Negro Handicrafts Market promotes sales of handicrafts through its Marketplace; that is, online market.

Through this website you can see aprons, tajines, vessels, looms and all kinds of handicrafts made by rionegrinas from remote places.

Marketplace director Silvia Izquierdo said in a conversation with Noticias that the artisans will receive the 10,000 peso bonus offered by Nación, because they are single-takers, although by not working day to day the income is lower.

SwapnIl Dwivedi
Photo: SwapnIl Dwivedi

However, she indicated that the majority are used to being self-supporting, beyond the ups and downs of the economy.

The Rio Negro Craft Market, which depends on the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports, has as its main objective the accompaniment, support, promotion and marketing of products provided by the artisans of the province in different areas.

The market develops its activity considering four significant areas that are: weaving and spinning, ceramics, wood and silverware, offering a wide range of products made by small companies and artisans from Rio Negro for the sale and diffusion of the provincial economy and also, it participates in meetings, fairs, exhibitions and several events.

There are currently 1,820 registered artisans to whom the Craft Market offers advice on the activity and marketing.

The Handicraft Market of Río Negro has seven points of sale. Two of them in the city of Buenos Aires, located in the Casa de Río Negro and in the Administrative Center in Reconquista Street. In the province, they are located in Viedma, El Condor Spa, General Roca, Los Menucos and Ingeniero Jacobacci.

Author: NoticiasNet