Argentina: cruises, shopping and the benefits at Madryn

Cruise tourism left in the city of Madryn, more than 8.6 million dollars

Statistics from the Puerto Madryn Chamber of Industry and Commerce indicate that 84,290 cruise passengers and crew arrived in the city on board of 39 ships that docked throughout the season. 57,443 were cruisers, passengers who enjoyed vacations on board and according to interviews conducted with the cruisers and different businesses and service providers, it is estimated that the average expenditure per passenger is approximately 150 U $ S which implies 8,616,450 dollars spent in the city between different activities and / or products and services. This is equivalent to more than 344 million pesos – taking a change to 40 pesos, average during the months of the season.

The same report highlights that during the current season, a variable passenger profile was observed according to nationality and currency. Depending on the country of origin, it is possible to predict what type of products are of interest. Europeans, Americans and Canadians, for example, do not make impulse purchases.

Photo: Gonzalo Esteguy
Photo: Gonzalo Esteguy

The products they purchase, regardless of their cost, are usually previously planned, suggested by their characteristics, or by being a priority within their tastes and preferences. On the other hand, passengers of Latino origin have a more spending profile, and go looking for the offers and promotions that businesses offer.

Mostly they are inclined to handcrafted products, clothing of recognized brands, bazaar, leather shoes, jewelry among others. Finally, passengers of German origin are the ones who buy the least.

Cruise tourism in Puerto Madryn has among its challenges to become, if not already, a basic pillar in the development of the local and regional economy. Every year, the volume of passengers increases allowing a greater growth not only in the tourist sector but also with respect to local businesses. “This gives us the opportunity to face new challenges in order to profile ourselves as one of the most important cruise ports in the Patagonian region.

On the other hand, each season, it is evident that our city is adapting to new trends and demands that this particular public requires. Today, from the area of supply, we analyze the possible ways to improve the quality of the visitor’s experience, with sustainable and innovative products such as the craftsmen’s promenade, exclusive shops for tourists and the important investments made by the Port Administration of Puerto Madryn and the local Municipality. On the other hand, the commitment and collaborative work of different sectors have shown a highly positive result,” says the report of CAMAD.

Tombo and Valdés Peninsula

Every season, the tourist destinations offered are usually the same. However, there is an important demand with respect to City Tours, and few companies include this tour as an option, although taxis and the Pool of Agencies offer it combined with Punta Loma.

In the interviews, the passengers stated that they would like to have an exclusive tour of the city that includes museums, historical places, most important neighborhoods, waterfront, and end it in a restaurant in order to taste a typical Argentine dish. Also, the points of interest for excursions are: ANP Punta Tombo; ANP Punta Loma; ANP Península Valdés; Estancia San Guillermo (sheep shearing and Patagonian lamb tasting); Gaiman (Welsh Tea); Paleontological Museum and City Tour.

Author: Diario Jornada