Dean of the Faculty of Tourism at the University of Málaga. Professor in the Computer Sciences Department at University of Malaga.

Degree and PhD in Economics from the University of Malaga, began his relationship with the tourism since the creation of the studies at the University of Málaga in 1995.

He is currently president of the Inter-University Network for Tourism (REDINTUR) involving 24 Spanish universities with undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD studies in Tourism. His research interests focus on the field of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) applied to tourism. He is the Principal researcher of the SICUMA research group (Cooperative Information Systems, University of Malaga).

He has directed several projects for R & D related to the implementation of ICT in tourism and published research works at relevant journal publications. He leads the Official Committee for designing the new official bachelor’s degree programme on Gastronomic Sciences and Hospitality Management (Grado en Ciencias Gastronómicas y Gestión hotelera) at the Tourism Faculty of Malaga University. He is also head of the Innovation Gastrocampus (Gastrocampus de Innovación, Gastrocampus, supported by the University of Malaga to promote gastronomy through the Faculty of Tourism, is the main engine for the knowledge, research, transfer of knowledge, and education in gastronomic sciences.