ANATO, confirms that cruises, shopping and ecotourism are the most sold products

In the mid-year holidays of 2018, the sales of travel agencies in the national panorama were better than those of 2017 because they increased 3.8 percentage points.

Photo: Ricardo Gomez Angel
Photo: Ricardo Gomez Angel

The statistics presented by the Colombian Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism, Anato, show that the payment method most used by customers in their vacation plans are credit cards, with 71.48 percent, those who prefer to pay with cash, with 66.44 percent, financing by the agency, with 10.7 percent, and debit card one percent.

The main service of sale is that of the air tickets of the agencies, because the national and international flights add 43 percent.

Among the top five best-selling products was, with 14 percent, sun and beach, then culture, with 10.3 percent, nautical and cruises, with 9.7 percent, shopping, with 8.8 percent and ecotourism, with 8 percent.

There is also the religious part, sports and adventures, congresses, fifteen-year trips, agro-tourism, weddings, bird watching and health tourism.

In the national panorama, the list of best-selling destinations last year, Cartagena led, with 17 percent, which achieved about 6 percentage points more than in 2017. In second place was San Andrés, with 9.9 percent, then Bogotá, with 9.4 percent, Santa Marta, with 9 percent and Medellín, with 8.6 percent.

On the other hand, the best-selling international destinations in 2018 were the United States, with 8.4 percent; Spain, with 8 percent; Mexico, with 7.6 percent; Panama, with 7 percent; France, with 6.5 percent; Peru, with 6.1 percent; Italy, with 5.9 percent; and the Dominican Republic, with 5.4 percent.

The main sales service is that of airline tickets from agencies because national and international flights together account for 43 percent. Then there are the tourist packages, with 32.2 percent, hotels (outside the plan), with 10.1 percent and attendance cards, with 6.7 percent, Mice (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions), with 3.6 percent, and car rental, with 3.5 percent.