Amadeus presents “Shaping the Future of Luxury Travel – Future Traveller Tribes 2030”

The luxury travel market is growing faster than any other. Find out in this report how to take advantage of the unique luxury travel industry.

According to the study presented by the company AMADEUS forecasts that luxury travel will grow by 6.2%, a third faster than travel in general.

“Shaping the Future of Luxury Travel: Future Traveller Tribes 2030” is a research paper that analyzes future regional hotspots where luxury travel is expected to grow, discusses the expectations of tomorrow’s luxury travelers and presents some strategies to understand and serve a new wave of luxury travelers – a highly lucrative, influential and therefore critical group for the tourism industry in general.

This article is based on research papers recently published by Amadeus Future Traveller Tribes 2030: Understanding Tomorrow’s Traveller and Building a More Rewarding Journey, and offers a deep dive into the luxury travel industry.

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