The World Shopping Tourism Network (WSTN), managed by Global Journey Consulting, is a forum for reflection that was born in 2016 within the framework of the UNWTO Affiliate Members Program in which participants can interact, share and access relevant information.

Users can use a platform to generate, disseminate and request specific knowledge of shopping tourism and tourism in general, in order to take advantage of the enormous potential offered by tourism and trade, and its ability to relate to other sectors.

In this space, professionals, the tourism and commercial industry, public and private institutions, and academic centers can work together in the analysis, trends and conformation of the sector linked to this type of tourism and its development in the territory.


The objective of the World Shopping Tourism Network is to channel every action, project, information, opinion and suggestion that supports and improves the development of shopping tourism and the tourism industry in general, due to the transversal nature of its development.

Photo by David Iskander
Photo by David Iskander

Members establish a communication network that includes all areas of the tourism industry related to shopping tourism by creating a digital ecosystem that enables its members:

1). Knowledge sharing (learning and teaching).

Generate, disseminate and request specific knowledge to take advantage of the enormous potential derived from shopping tourism and its capacity to relate to other sectors and resources.
Generation of solutions for each sector, territory or industry.

2). Develop programs and projects that allow tourist, commercial and social destinations, in collaboration with tourism companies and those related to them, to make and develop proposals to create or strengthen the supply of tourism purchases, main or complementary to the tourism plan of the territory.

3). To develop and improve commercial relations (sell and buy) with other actors and agents of the tourist and commercial industry.

4). Breaking down barriers between different industry players.

5). Communication solutions. Integral communication plan

  • Communication strategy and advice
  • Content creation
  • Content Distribution


  • Photo by Clark Tibbs
    Photo by Clark Tibbs

    To make Shopping Tourism known globally.

  • To facilitate Internet users access and interaction with the main points of Shopping Tourism in each destination.
  • To facilitate the participating companies their interaction and business possibilities.
  • To be a key information point for all sectors involved in Shopping Tourism.
  • To promote new destinations for this kind of tourism.
  • To make new tools known and to introduce different formulas which facilitate the tourist experience.
  • To collaborate in the analysis of key issues regarding Shopping Tourism.
  • To encourage public-private collaboration.


Photo by Kira auf der Heide
Photo by Kira auf der Heide

1). Experience, training and recognition of members and professionals through academic programs and networking.

2). Continuous integration with international organizations and support to all our members to guide their business agendas.

3). A unique DNA for each affiliated member: a unique proposal for each member.

4). A non-competitive forum for Members to collaborate to solve business and institutional problems, while generating responsible actors within the tourism purchasing industry (tourism and commerce).



1). Publication of the White Book of Shopping Tourism, with the participation of companies directly or indirectly related to this tourist sector.

2). Development of meeting events: forums, events, congresses, etc.

Photo by Alina Grubnyak
Photo by Alina Grubnyak

3). Integration of the principles of the World Tourism Organization as well as the Sustainable Development Programme – Agenda 2030.

4). Development of communication and promotion tools for the members of the Network and the international tourism industry.

5). Development of training programs and specialization in topics related to shopping tourism.

6). Industry solutions. Development and implementation of technological tools aimed at improving the profitability and sustainability of the tourism purchasing industry in particular and promote its transversality to other tourism sectors.

7). Forum Experts on Shopping Tourism with the participation of other cross-cutting tourism sectors.

8). Promotion programme for the creation of an Observatory of Startup related to the shopping tourism sector that will allow the industry to interact with the latest trends in the digital world.

9). Other

For more information and registration: contact or comm@worldshoppingtourism.com