A walk through women’s craftsmanship

Photo: Sysengrath

A walk and some shopping, and to enjoy the gastronomic days of the picadillo and the sabadiego of Noreña. The culinary event was accompanied yesterday by the “Asturias Design x Women” market, which featured the best of female creation in the region. Clothes, accessories, jewellery and illustrations were the products that could be acquired by those who came to the Town Hall Gardens, where the market was installed until eight o’clock in the evening. Without forgetting the already habitual fabric masks, provided with protection, which are already one of the business aspects of the textile crafts. “The market is good, there was movement since we opened at eleven and it looks very good,” said Almudena Alvarez, promoter of the initiative and designer of sustainable and organic clothing. Throughout the day, the people of Noroeste dropped by the area and not just to see what was there. They also bought. And the visitors, delighted with having another leisure option in their day in the Villa Condal. “We passed by here and saw it and it is nice to see again that there are markets and things”, said Paula Tamargo after buying some earrings.

Author: S. Arias, LNE.es