Intrega are group of interdisciplinary professionals with extensive experience in the tourism sector and with the vocation to contribute to the development of those regions which are economically less favored or those which are developing, based on tourism, from a local and sustainabile approach.

Integra believe in the riches and attractions of these regions, as well as in their cultural and natural standards as a world heritage, and that is why we commit ourselves to tourism development in a sustainable manner, as a tool that enhances the evolution of the peoples.

The propose and offer our professional, responsible, young and dynamic work, of proven and interdisciplinary experience, for the application and implementation of operational solutions for tourism, arising from joint work with the community and its managers.

Integra focus on participatory actions, aimed at offering clear and concrete results. We have confidence in the future based on the work performed in the present, and we believe that the fundamental thing is to “carry out” in all our studies, projects and tasks.

Photo: Integra
Photo: Integra

How the company began?

The working group emerged in 2002 as a result of the need presented by tourism destinations to have a development from a local and sustainable perspective, from promotional actions, product creation and tourism quality systems that generate genuine benefits for the community and for the local tourism sector.

We must not forget the importance of maximizing the results of these efforts and turning them into actions that generate an interesting business for the countries, regions or companies that carry them out.


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