Due to inflation in Argentina, shopping in Chile is cheaper again

A couple of years ago, Argentinean shopping tourism was a rage in Chile, to such an extent that the border crossings were collapsed. Then, since the middle of last year, taking advantage of large price differences between the two countries ceased to be a reality for Argentines when the exchange rate doubled. In the summer, Argentine tourists who traveled to enjoy the beaches warned that the values of the products were even higher than those of Argentina. However, inflation closed the gap again and buying technology in Chile can now be 25% cheaper and clothing costs up to 45% less.

Photo: Jaime Sainte Marie
Photo: Jaime Sainte Marie

Today, those who have the option to travel, or must for some reason travel to Chile, can take advantage to stock up on items at significantly lower prices than in Argentina, or at similar values but for more advanced technologies.

In this way, and comparing businesses that are present in both countries, price differences can be observed. For example, while a Led of 55” 4k and Ultra HD costs $ 37,049 in Chile in exchange, here you get the same item in a branch of the same company consulted for $ 49,990, which means that in Argentina costs 35% more (for every $1,000 Chileans are paid between $ 65 and $70 Argentine).

On the other hand, in terms of technological advances, in Chile a greater variety is achieved; this is especially noticeable in cell phones and computers. Thus a smartphone that costs $ 5,524.35 in exchange in Chile (Motorola E5 play), in Argentina you get $ 6,999, and the Chilean trade has more assortment in Apple line offer.

In sound something similar happens, the variety of items exceeds those that can be found on local websites. A portable speaker, Sony SRS xb20 brand, in Chile costs $ 2,599 a change and in Argentina, $ 3,299, or 27% more.

Going out to eat, on the other hand, is still not convenient for Argentines traveling to Chile: a McCombo of the day in Argentina costs $169, in Chile it should be paid at $ 207.35.


  • -Technology: in Chile a greater variety of brands and models can be obtained and with prices for all pockets. In smartphones the prices can be up to 26% lower.
  • Clothing: shoes can be up to 45% cheaper and a jacket in Chile costs up to 67% less than the selling price in Argentina (same item).
  • Food and beverages: Eating out in Chile is still an expensive item when considering the family budget. Both when you choose to eat fast food and it is even more expensive if you intend to eat in a specialized place. Wines are also more expensive.

Due to this phenomenon of shopping tourism that is being reinstalled, companies from Mendoza have already begun to offer the famous “shopping tours” for the day or weekend, through the Cristo Redentor Pass, towards Santiago and/or Los Andes, and those who take advantage of it are mainly merchants who get products at lower prices to resell in Argentina.

Author: Los Andes Newspaper (Mendoza).